How Woodpecker is scaling their sales efforts with Interested

Increasing the scale of your sales efforts is challenging to do alone. Lets explore how Interested helped Woodpecker increase their overall exposure.


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"Interested played a huge role in helping us identify our ideal customer profile that helped us scale our company. Their team quickly crafted outreach experiments and iterated messaging to help drive introductions with prospects that were a perfect fit for our product."

Alex Melehy
Founder & CEO of Woodpecker

The Company

Woodpecker is an AI-enabled legal document automation platform that helps attorneys get back to what they love. Woodpecker enables attorneys to continue to use Microsoft Word, avoid migrating to a new platform, and spend a fraction of the cost of enterprise document management platforms. Their mission is to provide a cutting-edge software product to an underserved segment of legal marketing.

The Problem

Woodpecker’s primary source of leads were coming from the Microsoft store so they wanted to open a new channel of sales by starting cold outreach campaigns. Woodpecker knew that their primary clientele were lawyers that used Microsoft Word, but they were unsure what types of lawyers (litigation, real-estate, antitrust, estate planning, etc…) would use their product.

Woodpecker was looking for a provider that would be able to research the market for leads, perform cold call and cold email campaigns, and then set meetings with qualified prospects. With Woodpecker being a seed stage startup, time and cost were a factor in deciding what company would be a good fit to work with.

The Solution

Woodpecker decided that Interested suits their business needs. Interested and Woodpecker’s sales operations team crafted a plan to target the following markets.

- Similarly searches across their existing user base
- IT resellers who would add Woodpecker’s product to their rolodex of products
- Litigation lawyers
- Intellectual property (IP) lawyers
- Estate planning lawyers
- Contract attorneys

Interested was able to search across the internet and their proprietary databases for prospects. Once the lead groups were built Interested performed cold email and cold calling campaigns out to each market.

The outcome

Within two months Interested was able to identify an ideal customer profile and a market big enough to target for years to come. Within one month, Interested was able to tell that cold email was highly effective over cold calling for this particular product. Below are some of the metrics:

- Average 5 campaigns sent per month
- Average 51.9% open rate on cold emails
- Average 8.3% reply rate on cold emails
- Average 4.2% positive reply rate on cold emails
- Average 18 meetings set per month with qualified prospects

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